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Private Swimming



So, you want to learn how to swim? Or are you interested in competing in a triathlon but but you are not sure you will make it out of the water? Maybe you are on a swim team and want to get a little extra stroke work. If any of these apply to you, a swim lesson may be in order. Private lessons are $25 per half hour.


If you are looking to drop time in your next triathlon, investing in private swimming lessons is the key. With private swimming lessons you will get individualized attention and learn how to make your stroke more efficient. By taking some time now to become a better swimmer you will save time later in your next triathlon. Not only will it help to improve your swim time but you will feel better coming out of the swim and heading out onto your bike. If you can become a more efficient swimmer you will be able to swim faster while expending less energy, energy you can use for your bike and run leg of your race.

Swimming lessons are not only for triathletes, but anyone interested in learning how to swim in a one-on-one environment.

Private lessons are available for:

Anyone under 10 with no swimming experience.

Anyone under 12 who has some swimming experience, for example they can float on their own.

Anyone who is 14 and older should be able to swim (any stroke) at least 2 lengths of the pool. These lessons are mainly for someone who is comfortable in the water but would like to learn better stroke technique.

Swimming lessons are taught by Heidi Toft who has been teaching private swimming lessons for the past ten years. Her swimmer's experience range from non-swimmer (children just learning to float), to swimmer's who have placed in the top eight at the Illinois State Age Group Championship Meet and the Illinois State High School Meet. Heidi is a former High School and NCAA All-American swimmer with 7 years of club and high school coaching experience. Whatever your swimming goals, Heidi will work with you to help you achieve them.

For more information or to schedule a lesson email us at swimminglessons Please include your name, email address, and a phone number with the best time to call.