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Wildkit Triathlon Club

Workout Schedules


All Schedules are subject to change. Please check here regularly for any updates.


*Swimming workouts are available, but do require an extra charge and you must sign up in advance. These workouts are lead by an experienced coach who will design sets and work on technique. There is a maximum of 25 swimmers and they are available at the cost of $15 - $40 a month, depending on the number of workouts offered within each month. You must email if you would like to attend the swimming workouts. If you would like extra stroke work, please checkout the swimming lessons link.


Running and bike workouts are group workouts and generally they are not coached. Group workouts are organized to help motivate members to train and to give members someone to workout with. You can also take advantage of group workouts by learning from other members on the team. Most of our group workouts are open to everyone, in which case we will meet but each individual will decide how far and how hard they wish to run or bike. We will do our best to set up two or three groups based on ability and distance so that everyone has someone to train with.


If you have any questions about workouts or if you would like to sign up for swimming workouts please email Please include your name, email address , and phone number.

*If you are having difficulties downloading the schedules, please email us and we will send you a schedule.